Game theory is the scientific study of strategically interdependent decision making. While logically demanding, this website makes learning the field easy. Based off of the best-selling Game Theory 101 textbook, my video lectures go at your pace, carefully explaining all the important points you need to know to understand this new language.

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The Basics
  1. The Prisoner's Dilemma and Strict Dominance
  2. Iterated Elimination of Strictly Dominated Strategies
  3. The Stag Hunt and Pure Strategy Nash Equilibrium
  4. What Is a Nash Equilibrium?
  5. Best Responses and Safety in Numbers
  6. Matching Pennies and Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium
  7. The Mixed Strategy Algorithm
  8. How NOT to Write a Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium
  9. Battle of the Sexes
  10. Calculating Payoffs in Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium
  11. Mixed Strategies and Strict Dominance
  12. Weak Dominance
  13. Infinitely Many Nash Equilibria
  14. The Odd Rule