Need help? Send me an email...

I get it. Game theory is tough. Sometimes you won't be able to figure out an answer on your own, and the lectures and textbook are not providing any additional insight. If all else fails, I offer tutoring. Send me an email if you are interested, and we can set up a time to meet on Skype.

Before emailing me, a couple of notes. First, my rate is $40 per hour; if you would like to split this with a friend and have a group session on a Google Hangout, that is great. And second, please PLEASE PLEASE do not email me asking you to do your homework for you. I won't. We will do your problems together.

I have worked with clients from all over, including students at Harvard, University of Chicago, Oxford, UCLA, UCSD, and more. Game theory can be tough no matter who you are learning it from. Don't be afraid to ask for help.